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Welcome to Harrier Investment Group

Who Are We?

Steve and Don Schreiber began Harrier Investment Group as a premier, high-end commercial real estate investment and development firm in the northern DFW area. Our goal is to provide Tier-1 properties to support local businesses and create value for long term investors and buyers.

Our Mission

To find, develop, and bring world-class commercial properties to the market while maximizing value for both clients and investors.

What We Do

President and founder, Steve Schreiber, began Harrier Investment Group after a distinguished and diverse 20+ year career in the US Marine Corps with extensive leadership experience at the senior executive level.

His proven performance leading complex organizations with hundreds of personnel and over $1 Billion worth of aviation assets allowed him to develop skills to excel in the Commercial Real Estate industry.  Steve’s career highlights include 2000 flight hours in the AV-8B Harrier including over 200 combat missions in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  He instructed at the Marine Corps’ premier aviation weapons school, MAWTS-1.  Steve developed superior problem solving and strategic crisis management skills while directly advising the President of the United States and coordinating with numerous stakeholders across the most senior levels of the Executive Office of the Presidency. Steve had the honor to serve as the Commanding Officer of the legendary Marine Attack Squadron 542 where Marines and jets deployed around the globe conducting both combat and peacetime training missions.  Steve has settled in Flower Mound, TX with his wife (Holly), their three children (Ashley, Will, and Mitch), dog (Grayce), and cat (Bing Bong).

Why Choose Us?

The managing partners at Harrier have decades of experience running billion dollar organizations and dealing with complex projects. We excel at keeping projects on timeline and on budget while maintaining the highest standards and quality.

  1. Our experience working together with government entities helps ensure seamless progress in our developments
  2. Know-how to work through issues with government leaders to solve problems
  3. Hands on experience with city, county, and public utility regulations and compliance directives
  1. From general contractors to attorneys and accountants, we’ve spent years finding the best of the best in their respective fields
  2. Unmatched quality and integrity from all of the folks we work with on every job

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